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Winds of change are blowing in the corporate market

September, 2022

Last year we noticed that companies began to inquire about the varied portfolio of opportunities in the city, and this necessarily led to a movement of visits and therefore the closure of operations. This incipient movement deepened this year and it is no longer surprising to visit different neighborhoods such as Palermo and Belgrano and even downtown Buenos Aires and see great pedestrian and vehicular traffic in its streets as well as an intense rhythm in its stores that are raising their shutters. All this is very encouraging and we are optimistic as we approach the last quarter of the year.

The average footage of the searches and operations that we have carried out this year so far is 300 - 500m2. Workspaces in good condition are preferable. Properties with open views and cross ventilation are prioritized. If the particular office or the building in which it is located has some open space (balcony or terrace) it is a very important differential. Speaking of demand, we can group the companies that are carrying out operations into four large groups:

  • 1. Companies that need to relocate to spaces in line with new demands, such as flexible plant architecture, open spaces and good ventilation.
  • 2. Companies and professional studios that take advantage of the situation (opportunity rental values ​​due to high vacancy) to improve the quality of their workspaces, the famous "fly to quality".
  • 3. Companies that require smaller spaces due to the new work modalities (hybrid modality: which implies that 2 or 3 days a week and on a rotating basis, employees work from home) allows them to reduce spaces and thereby lower fixed costs.
  • 4. Companies that seek to unify spaces with good accessibility to public transport, prioritizing the place of residence of their collaborators.

On the other hand, we are encouraging owners to add value to their offices, improve layouts as much as possible, paint them, put bathrooms and offices in good condition. We also suggest, as far as possible, that they intervene in their consortiums to put the terraces or common spaces up to the new demands (landscape, add garden furniture, etc.) We insist on it, since it is a great differential.

As we said at the beginning, we are beginning to go through a different time, full of business opportunities. We are optimistic and at the same time very aware that these new winds bring us the challenge of being permanently attentive to the changes that are taking place in demand and also the certainty that working as a team, as we do with MP Workplaces, is the way to provide a better service, more professional and focused on the (increasingly demanding) needs of our customers.

Ing. Mariana Stange

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