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Challenge Siemens Energy

December, 2022

Those of us who do corporate interior design have something clear: no work is the same as the other. They can coincide in many points such as surface, building, item, style. But they will never be identical. What marks a project is the culture of the company, its guidelines and, above all, its people.

At Siemens Energy, multiple challenges were presented throughout the entire process. It began with a call for bids in turnkey format (turnkey) for 1,600m2 in the Lúmina building in the town of Olivos. In the RFP information package sent by the client, there was a layout developed and agreed at the parent company and dates to be met that were decisive (setting up the Data Center and the CCR room -24x7 monitoring center- within a period of 30 days).

After discussing with the technical teams, we decided that this was not going to be an impediment. For this reason, we fully dedicate ourselves to dream about the new offices of Siemens Energy.

Another challenge was the final layout: although it was included and well done, we decided to go all out and change it forcefully. We wanted to give what we always give to our clients: added value.

We had 15 days to throw ideas and materialize them into a proposal. And we had to comply with all the architectural guidelines. We did it. And we loved the result, even though our nerves were on the surface.

Obviously the presentation to the client revolved around the question: why did they change the layout? That is where we talk about double circulation, privacy for employees, socialization spaces, Activity Based Workplaces, use of natural light, etc. Elements that enhanced spaces, tasks and well-being.

The construction was a closed, methodical process without major alterations. With constant interaction with the Real State de Colombia and Colliers team. The delivery of the committed sectors was met in 30 days and the deadlines in general.

The Siemens Energy project left something marked in our team: jugate. If you can improve the environment, if you can add quality of life, if you trust your people: jugate.

Marcelo Pascual
Commercial Manager

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